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How to Boost Your Online Cosmetics Store: 5 Social Media Tactics to Use

We live in an era where building a brand-forward Facebook profile or Instagram feed is about way more than just adding photos, hashtags, and posts. It is about connecting with visitors, fans, and potential customers. It is about putting your product out there so that everyone can notice it.

If you aren’t ready to take full advantage of social media it means you aren’t ready to run a business in 2019. So, what’s gonna be?

Running your own sell online cosmetics store is not easy, especially if you are in a competitive niche. There are a lot of similar brands and products out there and stepping away from the crowd requires a lot of effort, skills, and planning.

What to Do?

Even though there are numerous strategies, methods, and tactics you could try to boost your online cosmetics store and promote your brand, we did some research and pulled together the six best tactics social media experts in the cosmetics industry use to inspire and motivate their customers online.

Let’s start!

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1. Be Accessible

Work together with your team to create a public relations plan. Even though social media platforms have the ability to connect businesses and brands directly to their shoppers, they also help you to engage directly with the purchasers online through conversations.

Do your best to always be here for your customers – answer all of their comments, questions, and feedback aimed at your business on social media. Remaining active maintains the attention and respect of your loyal followers. If necessary, prepare a plan to fix a damaged repetition through your brand’s social media channel.

Nowadays, it is easy to connect with people who are passionate about your cosmetics products, however, it is not so simple to bridge the gap with consumers who are more passive.

Here is one example: Sunday Riley solves this problem by motivating their followers on Instagram to send in a video of their important others using their Sunday Riley skincare beauty products. This encourages people to share their favorite products with those close to them. It also gets consumers excited about beauty products and personal care.

Similar campaigns like giveaways, competitors, and question & answer sessions can stimulate a similar form of engagement.

2. Use Testimonials

If a reputable consumer provides support for your products, new purchasers will come out of nowhere.

Here is one example: Drunk Elephant Skincare shows testimonials on Instagram from Instagram users with under 200 followers, beauty magazines, and etc to promote new products.

Although all public campaigns and marketing strategies benefits your cosmetics store, publishing testimonials from influencers, beauty bloggers, celebrities, and average customers produce more effective content than showing comments from any of your sources.

Today, a beauty blogger with hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram attracts different attention than a celebrity would.

Our advice is to incorporate content from multiple types of social media experts. That’s way, you will accomplish the best result.

3. Spread Messages Across Different Platforms

Share your new products and your most relevant content across multiple platforms and remain popular by updating old content.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with new strategies, campaigns or media. Social media innovation is required for you to drive your online brand presence.

One example is Velour Lashes. This brand has used Twitter to link their followers to an ongoing contest. Linking social media accounts exposes thousands of viewers to a post. Isn’t that fascinating? Publishing the link via Instagram promotes both their profile and their contest handle successfully.

4. Show a Consistent Image

Before you start selling online on your ecommerce store and on social media, you need to decide on the specific persona your business should convey across social media.

Keep in mind that you need to build your business’ persona through each Facebook and Instagram post, Tweet or YouTube video. You need to use the right graphics, hashtags, and textual content.

One great example is Keune Hair Cosmetics. They used specific hashtags to gather attention. The minimalist style they’ve used shows a clear marketing campaign – buy Keune products and keep up with the newest trends.

Another example is Loreal. They’ve used Twitter to promote a new campaign describing a future in which the cosmetics industry becomes entrenched in quality, technology, formulation, and individualization.

5. Try to Add More Value

You are never done with social media marketing. Instead, you need to try to always add more value to engage your followers.

By providing focused and unique content, you will attract customers’ attention and convince them to come to your online store to purchase your products. Use topics such as social justice, fun anecdotes, and avoid repetitive content because online shoppers really hate that.

For example, you can use relevant content to encourage your followers to communicate directly with you regarding a popular topic such as organic makeup. By providing tips for customers of the makeup brand while allowing the followers to get involved in the conversation, you will push the topic into the social spotlight. You can achieve a similar effect by promoting eye-catching product designs, new events, interesting charity campaigns, and more.

Build a Successful Online Cosmetics Store: Final Words

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to build a successful online cosmetics store today is to use an ecommerce website platform.

Shopify is a great choice for all cosmetic fans out there who want to step in the business world. If you’ve always wanted to run your own cosmetic brand and you think you are ready – create your Shopify store today, connect it with your social media accounts and start selling online to customers from all over the world.

With Shopify, you will take your business to the next level. You will be able to run both your online store and your Facebook/Instagram store and sell directly to your social media followers.

By using our 5 social media tactics, you will be on your way to achieving global success. Good luck! If you want more information click here

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