ERA My Listing [ UI/UX ] ๐Ÿ”’
Redesign of the listing detail page to be more action-oriented
ERA Survey Settings [ UI ] ๐Ÿ”’
Redesigned user interface for Survey across both extranets to manage notification settings
UI Library for Web [ Case Study ]
Created a template library in Figma using auto-layout to help improve brand sites overall UI within a growing studio.
Email System [ Case Study ]
Process walkthrough of how an email system was designed at an enterprise to activate email deployment across multiple brands.
Cosmopak [ Case Study ]
Print collaterals and B2B packaging designed at Cosmopak.
OPTIFAST [ MLS Campaign ]
Designed a multi-channel campaign consisting of a landing page, IG, emails.
AT&T Electronics [ eCommerce ]
Created content for new product launches for B2B and B2C platforms.
BOOST Be Well [ Email Design ]
Be Well is a subscription service for outpatients. Designed an email journey for new subscribers as a part of the on-boarding experience.
BOOST Drinks [ eCommerce ]
Led the creation of templates to align disjointed assetsย between different platforms.
Olea Essence [ Print Catalog ]
B2B catalog for lead acquisitions and showroom design.
Bags & Boxes [ Product Design ]
A collective of implemented product designs ranging from PWP, GWP and retail.
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