Cosmopak has been recognized as a supplier for over 20 years in the beauty industry. In 2015, the company updated its business model to offer turnkey services to attract small-to-mid-size luxury brands.
Our gorilla research showed that brands trusted Cosmopak as a supplier but were doubtful about the company's turnkey capability due to a lack of cohesive marketing. 

Throughout the process, we asked ourselves how to refresh an identity to look trustworthy. How do we measure success? We believe that building a joined brand will increase the brand's credibility. Cosmopak measured its success through lead acquisitions, annual sales, and online brand presence. 
By 2018, Cosmopak had partnered with 10+ influencers, and 30% of its annual revenue came from these partnerships.

⏲️ Timeline: May 2014 - October, 2018 | 🎩  Role: Design, Art Direction, Production Coordination
Credit: Cosmopak USA LLC  |

Revised Cosmopak logo

Small team, big challenges

We worked as a symbiotic team of three designers, consisting of myself, seasonal interns, and the Art Director, to tackle design challenges that came our way. 
Business cards were one of the first things I worked on throughout the brand transition. With a purple gradient logo and rounded borders, the old business cards had a dated look. In small mediums, the purple gradient didn't translate effectively. 
The new business cards were updated to reflect the company's clean and current image.

Business cards

Most clients didn't know Cosmopak was an international company with a European office. It was essential making the logo and its office locations prominent on the cover and also an opportunity to highlight which office they were in on the other side of the business card.

Refreshed stationery

Adding a personal touch to sample deliveries

Another inconsistency we identified was how samples were sent to customers who didn't have a salesperson to demo the product. Products received by messengers lacked a personal touch, so we included a handwritten card with a message and the salesperson's email address that went with the samples. 

Printed cards for handwritten messages

As a vendor partner, we had to market our materials at every chance, so the bag served as a vehicle to promote the company's soft goods capabilities.
Concept drawing for overseas production

Creating lookbooks was a significant milestone during my time at Cosmopak. So many companies wanted to meet with our sales teams after seeing our previous achievements.
The lookbooks also helped to gap issues such as:
✔️  Visibility on new projects/features rollouts across all three offices
✔️  Cohesive marketing material coming from a single source
✔️  Building brand awareness and credibility with clients

 A formalized concept design deck for client meetings.

Trade shows

LUXE PACK New York is a B2B event to showcase new packaging suppliers, materials, and products. Major retailers from across the U.S. attend this 2-day event. The set below received the attention of several buyers from influential brands and eventually orders. 
🎯 Outcomes

Brands started to understand the company's capabilities and were curious if there was something new. Brands perceived the new Cosmopak positively with the refurbished logo and the marketing materials overhaul.
This rebrand is also partly why they can compete with other turnkey companies. Cosmopak’s lack of consistent marketing has prompted many missed opportunities.
Because of its rebranding, the company has eradicated its limitations. Brands that used to view Cosmopak as an old beauty supplier.
The company started hearing reviews of how efficient, fast, and easy the turnkey services were. Finally, the rebrand was successful enough that Cosmopak would become one of the first companies to partner with beauty influencers in 2015:
Miss Fame
Miss Fame | Photo Credit: Miss Fame |
Laure Lee
Laure Lee Los Angeles | Photo Credit: Laura Lee Los Angeles |
✨ Takeaways

The customer feedback loop is essential in order to improve the brand and still resonate with the target audience.
Change wording and emphasize emotions. All this can make the brand more customer-centric. 
While visual identity is essential, an excellent rebranding campaign extends to the products and the services. A successful rebrand must reimagine everything there is to improve the company. 
🎥  Credits

Product Manager - Dan Wolfe
Creative Director - Holly Hohenbrink
Production Manager - Sharon Wang
Lead Designer - Kate Yip
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