My journey has multiple turns...

I discovered my passion for user experience when I was working at Cosmopak as a packaging designer. I took a workshop with a friend on the subject, and it changed my mindset. I started to care more about the customer and what problem they were trying to solve, and less about just launching a new product. This mindset developed into a passion for solving problems by applying human-centered design methodology and creating a positive long-term impact for the users.
Most people would describe me as respectful, caring, relentless, and also a little stubborn. Although it's not bad to be stubborn because it’s good to stand up and fight for the things we believe in, we should always look at both sides of the story to understand as much as possible. I love learning new things, whether it be something small or something big, since that’s what keeps the world we live in exciting.
When I am not in front of the screen, I spend my time catching up with friends and family or hiking up a mountain. Recently, I developed a passion for brewing kombucha and baking vegan desserts. I am a big Xbox and Marvel fan; my favorite game genres to play are usually RPGs and exploration, like Zelda, Dragon Age, and Red Hot Redemption.

My most successful experiments in the kitchen

Projects I've worked on

• Re-designed a new site experience for e-commerce customers.
• Worked on UI and interaction design for a new checkout experience.
• Created a CRM email system to accelerate email deployment.
• Used real-time prototypes to streamline landing page approval/handoff with GitHub.
• Gave B2B customers a new enrollment flow experience.
• Refreshed the look and feel of a brand identity and its marketing collateral.
• Created and released licensed products for B2B and D2C e-commerce platforms.
My skillset

• Builds and contributes to design systems
• Develops UI mockups and prototypes to illustrate design and functionality
• Executes projects leveraging best in-class practices guidelines
• Conducts user research, usability testing and UAT
• Collaborates in a team setting to develop design strategies
• Knowledgeable in front-end development
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