My journey has had multiple turns.

I am forever grateful to my friend, Kevin, who has opened my eyes to something that helped me at work and, at the same led me to be who I am today. I like the methodologies behind UX because it resonates with clients better, and most people can digest psychology better than design concepts. 
Most people describe me as respectful, caring, relentless, and stubborn. Although it's not wrong to be persistent because it's good to stand up and fight for the things we believe in, we should always look at both sides of the story to understand as much as possible. I love learning new things, whether small or big since that's what keeps our world exciting.
When not in front of the screen, I spend my time catching up with friends and family or hiking up a mountain. Recently, I developed a passion for brewing kombucha and vegan baking desserts. 

My most successful experiments in the kitchen

Projects I've worked on

Launched a template system that was used across 16 brand sites, such as Compleat and Carnation Breakfast Essentials at Nestlé Health Science
Led UI and Interaction design for a new checkout experience for the re-launch of the Nestlé Health Science online shop
Created a CRM email system to accelerate email deployment for various brands at Nestlé Health Science
Leverage HTML/CSS/JS/GitHub to streamline web pages handoff at Nestlé Health Science
Collaborated with functional teams to create a new digital experience for the Trade program at Inmod
Led the overhaul of Cosmopak brand identity and collateral material
Designed and launched several licensed products for B2B and D2C brands
My skillset

Builds and contributes to the design system
Skilled at building interactive prototypes and user flows to illustrate design solution
Expert level at working with strict guidelines
Constantly learning to stay up to date with the latest best-practices
Strives in collaborative team settings
Basic understanding of HTML/CSS/JS
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