5 Important Features of e-commerce Templates

If you are planning to sell any products online, you will need to come up with the best design for your store. Coming up with the ideal design can be challenging since there are many website themes and templates with different design functionalities. To choose the best e-commerce template all you need is a clear understanding of what are the critical features in the design of an online store.

Here are some of the necessary features of e-commerce templates that you should look out for when designing your site.

  • Simple and easy-to-understand navigation

The ability of your visitors to navigate your store easily is of critical importance. Often, easy-to-understand and straightforward navigation make it ideal for new visitors to find their way around your store without significant challenges. If your navigation is poor, chances of your visitors getting frustrated are high and might force them out of your store.

  • Compatibility

With the influx in the use of different devices, you need a template that is compatible with a wide range of devices. To achieve this, you need to opt for a template that has a responsive design such that it can scale the appearance of your site in various devices’ screen sizes. Additionally, mobile-friendliness and compatibility are essential factors in Google ranking.

  • Quick load speeds

The load speeds of any given website determine the customers’ probability to stay or abandon a site. A site with low load speed is likely to have a high bounce rate and significantly decreased conversion rate. To capture the majority of your visitors, focus on a light design that loads quickly.

  • Use beautiful and clear images

Visitors to your online store do not have the time to make guesses on any details of your images that are not clear. To avoid high bounce rate, use large and clear photos. Such images do not only look pretty but they have an immediate impact on the attention of your visitors. Select a template that has such a platform for compelling description and visual explanation of your products.

  • Industry and customer match feature

Are you aware of your customers’ or industry’s needs? The focus when designing your store should not be entirely on what you like; you need to factor in the appropriateness of your selected design to your customers, company, and the industry. For example, stylish and elegant designs are ideal for a store for high-end fashion accessories.

Evidently, the features of e-commerce templates that you use to create any store are of much significance. As such, you need a design that aligns well with your customers’ and products’ needs and can to give you maximum flexibility and functions.


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